Its Mardi Gras time again, folks. Or is it Halloween already! Yikes! Time does fly. Maybe thoughts lie with a very special bunch of ladies who’d like nothing much to see their well-muscled man on the stage, flaunting his goods purely for their benefit, draped in nothing more than turkey feathers. Oo-lala, indeed! Merci-merdi; such an astounding amount of feathers can make birds go all a flutter and make heads spin.  

The dashing man is as proud as a peacock, no matter how flamboyant he may look in those turkey feathers. Where indeed, is he going to stash those dollar bills? The stage has been set. The man with all those turkey feathers is at the hen party. Hen feathers, if you can pluck them, are chicken feed. But turkey feathers are an exotic sight to behold. Speaking of flamboyant men, and girls, girls of a feather, they do flock together, the use of such feathers are exquisitely suited to posh fancy dress affairs, otherwise known as the masked ball.

You can wear your tux, disguise yourself well with your well-chosen mask, and then cause quite a stir with all those turkey feathers. Heads will turn for sure. But if you’d much prefer to tone down your festive arrangement, you can use turkey feathers as a form of decoration, for your dining tables, walls and even mirrors and mantelpieces. The elegance is retained but a mischievous streak, in a very subtle manner can be added.

turkey feathers

Turkey feathers seem quite ideal for a young lady’s coming of age party. But as for the guys, may the special man would rather prefer a ball game. Or a stunning girl on the stage, all dressed up in, yes, you guessed right, turkey feathers.